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Suggestions for a short trip to SeaWorld Orlando?




So, my dad is helping me drive from Texas to Florida for my internship next month, since it’s such a long drive and my car is old. And i’ll be dropping him off in Orlando at the airport. But I got my finals moved around and we get to leave early, so I suggested we actually stop in orlando. Basically we will be getting to Orlando friday evening and he’s got to leave Saturday afternoon, I have to get him to the airport by like 2:30/3.

Now the the point finally, since we will have only a short time at SeaWorld Orlando (morning/early afternoon), what are a couple things that we HAVE to do while we are there? I’d especially like to hear from those of you who have been to the other parks before, and something that you enjoy/love at the Orlando park that the other parks don’t have.

Thanks! (probably have to reblog this later since i’m posting it so early in the morning)

Hmmm… I’m gonna say while you’re in SW to only do the Antarctic penguin ride if there’s a very small wait time. It’s more kiddy than anything and you don’t see the penguins for very long. The helicopter (.. I forget the name of it) ride isn’t worth it. Nothing animal-wise about it except it leads you down to the belugas and polar bear. It’s quicker to take the ‘walking’ option as opposed to the ride. Blue Horizons is a MUST. I’m obsessed with it. One Ocean of course. Clyde and Seamore are always adorable. Uhh.. if you’re a roller coaster person, the Kracken and the Manta are both awesome. Geez, it’s been a while since I’ve been to SeaWorld. 😬

Does anyone know if there is a way to skip the actual antarctica ride and just check out the exhibit? Is the ride worth it, would I be missing out? I heard from a friend it was kind of a flop, anyone think it’s really cool?

You can walk ‘backwords’ through the exhibit. Just go in where the exit is and go through the doors to get into the penguin encounter. On my last day I had about 2 hours before I had to get to the airport and believe it or not I had time to ride all the rides, spend about 25 min in dolphin/ Shamu UV and see BH and a couple other exhibits in that time. You can see a lot of the park in a short time, you just gotta walk fast :)


Shark Encounter - SeaWorld Orlando
Dolphin Cove Panorama